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Community is crazy important to me so I’ve created a place where I get to pick the brains of all the inspiring and engaging people I am lucky enough to connect with daily. From an Ayurvedic mama to a kids therapist and an art major turned teacher, here are a few interviews to get you thinking.

Jules Blaine Davis

Kitchen Healer, Artist, Poet & Mama

Lauren Roxburgh

Author, GOOP Alignment Expert & Mama

Natalie Kuhn

Executive Director & Lead Instructor, The Class by Taryn Toomey

Emily Harteau

Overlander, Our Open Road Blogger, Co-Founder 24-Hour Bazaar & Mama

Shiva Rose

The Local Rose, Shiva Rose Beauty, Activitist & Mama

Yolanda Edwards

Creative Director Conde Nast Traveler, Blogger Travels with Clara and Momfilter & Mama

Alisa Vitti

Alisa Vitti

Author Woman Code, Hormone Expert & Mama

Insiya Rasiwala-Finn

Yogi, Ayurvedic Chef & Mama

Erin Boniferro

Artist, Educator, Collage Collage Shop Owner & Mama

Ceri Marsh

Author, Co-Founder Sweet Potato Chronicles & Mama

Elke Govertsen

Founder, Editor-in-Chief Mamalode & Mama

Rachel Budde

Herbalist & Natural Healer

Fat and the Moon

Alexandra Suhner Isenberg

The Sleep Shirt Co-Founder & Mama

Andrea Scher

Life Coach, Artist, Photographer & Mama

Bianca Duffy

Art Educator & Topanga Mama

Michele Kambolis

Author, Family Therapist & Mama

Gregory Tait

Creative Director, Musician, Educator & Dada

Natasha Barrett

Real Estate Agent at The Agency, Writer & Mama

Ryan Nicodemus

Co-Founder of The Minimalists, Coach & Speaker

Ali DeJohn

Founder of The Makerie Artist Retreats & Colorado Mama

Ali Katz

Author, Self-Care & Meditation Coach & Mama

Alec Beck

Skateboarding Pro, Teacher and Ambassador at The Tony Hawk Foundation

Tak Yukawa

Co-founder of Free Agency Creative & Dada

Evaan Kheraj and Luisa Rino

Photographer & Stylist Duo

Mike Bernard

Photographer, Director, Nomad & Uncle Mike

Jocelin Caldwell

Career Coach & Mama

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