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Provisions for the Minimal Mama

While I wholeheartedly believe that living minimally is key to a happier and less stressful life I invest in pieces that last and can be repurposed. So I’ve created a little online shop with what I am loving for your viewing inspiration. I stumbled across Shop-Vestige in Philadelphia on IG and fell in love with mama Ashley Gleason's curated mix of vintage apparel, found textiles and mainstays from Atelier Delphine and Caron Callaghan. Please note that I do not make any money if you buy these pieces - I am just sharing my picks and paying it forward to local boutiques and women-run businesses as I believe we have the power to make great changes in the world through our purchasing power. And snag some art supplies from my favorite Canadian shop Collage Collage so your littles will be happily occupied when you try on your new goods. Happy shopping Mamas!

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