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Malibu Scavenger Hunt

April 20, 2015

I had serious wanderlust today but we needed to stay close to home so Alexander and I decided to check-out Point Dume beach in Malibu. Armed with beach snacks, a turkish towel for two, a soccer ball and a beach scavenger hunt we hit the road. Forty-five minutes later we arrived to an awe-inspiring view and some serious waves.

Our plan (we always have one as my boy likes his structure) was to start-off with a little beach soccer then move onto the scavenger hunt, which to my delight turned into a two-hour beachcombing session that we never wanted to end. We scored huge with rocks of all shapes and sizes, textured shells and massive chunks of sea glass and left feeling totally blissed-out from our adventure.

After much research and many attempts, I am learning that the more open-ended, progressive style hunts are the best as kids get to use their imaginations and parents aren’t stuck searching for starfish where none exist.

Here’s some of our faves from today:

Something shiny

Something slimy

Something blue

Something grey

Something smooth

Something straight

Something textured

Something tiny

Something large

Something you think is a treasure

A sea creatures home


Heart shaped rock

Happy Hunting!

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